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10 Ways to Stay Fine, Fierce, & Age Gracefully

10 Ways to Stay Fine, Fierce, & Age Gracefully


Who says life ever has to hit a decline? We believe in rocking every stage of your life and aging gracefully along the way. Whether you’re a 20something or a proud 80s baby, use these ten tips to maintain your vibrant self.

 1.    Squeeze in Those Workouts

The best beauty accessory is the glow of great health, so at any size, regular workouts are an invigorating must-do. Tight on time? Don’t worry – every little bit helps!

2.    Embrace the Classics

Who wants to swap out their wardrobe every two months when the trends change? Not us! Instead, opt for affordable classic pieces that won’t age you because they’re never out of style.

 3.    Work That Mind

Your body needs to stay active and your mind does, too! Give your brain a good workout with fun but challenging hobbies like crosswords and other mental puzzles.

 4.    Get Lost in a Story

Nothing replaces the cozy joy of cracking open a great book. Investing in some reading time gives your eyes a break from your phone screen while lowering your stress and putting you in touch with your imagination.

5.    Say “Ohm”

Meditation isn’t just for hippies, folks! It’s a renowned technique to manage stress, infuse more gratitude and happiness in your life, and keep your mind and body younger.

 6.    Evolve Your Skincare Routine

 Simple skincare routines are great when you’re young: cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. As signs of aging set in, just add one little helper at a time like a serum or an eye cream based on your specific needs.

7.    Snack Naturally

 Our bodies weren’t meant for processed cereals and snack cakes, so get back to basics with clean eating. Focus your diet on produce and other whole foods you’d actually find in nature.

 8.    Treat Yo’Self

 You deserve some pampering! Indulge in a spa day every so often, even if the only thing in the budget is a bubble bath, a DIY mani-pedi, and a face mask.

 9.    Find One Masterful Aesthetician

 For serious skincare, find an aesthetician that gels well with your goals and can get you on an age-defying routine of maintenance treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

10. Combine Comfort and Style

Shopping for clothes? Find what suits your body best but gives you comfort too. Beauty comes from the look of confidence and comfort.

There you have it, folks – take these tips, go forth, and age gracefully like the goddess you are!

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